Specialist v2 – a new level of professionalism

le 6 août 2013 dans Actualités

Specialist v1 was a relatively simple WordPress business theme known for it’s serious and professional design. Well, the new version looks pretty much the same but comes with A LOT more capabilities. The most requested one was making the theme responsive. I’m happy to confirm that Specialist v2 is completely mobile-friendly! The responsiveness is just the beginning; Specialist v2 is based on the second generation of Supreme – our core framework and the muscle behind recent themes such as OnePager or 5Star. Stuff you can expect to see in Specialist: Totally widgetized homepage Tons of customization options (change colors in real time) Automatic (WP dashboard) updates Sticky menu that follows you as you scroll Support for Templatic Shortcodes plugin A custom post type for handling the portfolio The Customizer Changing colors is available from the Customizer (Appearance -> Themes -> Customize). Not only can you change the colors there, you can also see results in real time. This is particularly handy while adjusting (for instance) the background color with your heading font color. Sections for which the colors can be tweaked include the body, links, headings, page content and buttons. Apart from setting a background image, you can also use the Customizer to set a custom background image. It also does wait for it e-commerce To create a full-blown web shop using Specialist all you need is WooCommerce. This plugin comes with pretty much all ingredients necessary for starting an e-commerce site. Product management with multiple product types, tax, shipping…it’s all there. The omnipresent PayPal is provided as a built-in gateway allowing you to start selling within minutes of setting up the plugin. The homepage…in a nutshell As mentioned earlier, the homepage inside Specialist is entirely widgetized allowing you to control it entirely from Appearance -> Widgets section. Check out the image below for details. The upgrade Already using Specialist? Because the code base is totally different, moving to Specialist v2 won’t be like any other previous update. Even though your posts and pages will stay intact; widgets, theme settings and theme customizations will not. To approach this in the correct way be sure to consult with the theme guide before upgrading. As always, visit the forums if any issues pop up during the upgrade process. PS: This upgrade is available for free to all active Club members and Specialist owners! View Live Demo, take a Test Drive or Purchase… Read more

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